What we are? & About me.

Welcome to my ‘Morino-Gyoseishoshi-Jimusyo’ office. In kanji ‘杜の行政書士事務所’.

I’m Morimoto Nobuyuki, a Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist.

My office is in Kita-ward,Tokyo met.

But what is Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist?

In Japanese , we are called ‘Gyoseishoshi’.  If you write in kanji like ‘行政書士’.

We, as a specialist for the Administrative Law and the Procedures, may obtain required governmental permission, approval and license from relevant public office for the clients by providing our expertise and observing rules, regulations and laws of Construction Business, Transport Business, Entertainment Business, Pharmaceutical Business, Industrial Waste Disposal Business, Land Development Business, and other industries. We also prepare, as a representative, variety of legal documents for corporations or individuals and provide consultations for the said documents, which relates to rights and duties including Contract, Agreement on Distribution of Estate, Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws and Minutes of Meeting. We provide other professional services in the new field such as Adult Guardian System or Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Especially my office, support regulations and laws of Construction Business  First.

Of course, a Certified Administrative Procedures Specialists is a person with national qualification who can assist foreign nationals in all aspects of their lives in Japan, including residence, naturalization, study abroad, employment, marriage, and setting up a business.

If you need a cosult in these cases,the Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists Association in each prefecture holds regular free consultation fairs and introduces Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists in the vicinity. Feel free to ask the association in your prefecture.